Deadlands: New Horizons

Good 'ole Fashion Train Robbery

While on the train to the City ‘o Gloom, the main three spend most of their time in the cargo hold with Winchester in her cage. After some time Raylan and Alistair spend some time with the man they were protecting, Adam Howe. Suddenly the train starts to slow down. Maggie goes ahead to check out what is happening and gets caught up in a held up train car. When the man collecting money gets too close she pulls out a dagger and slices his throat. Fight with the bandit king ensues. Buck makes a heroic drop into the train car and ends the bandit’s life. When the trio gets back to the train car with the man they were supposed to protecting they notice him sitting in the middle of six dead bodies who upon closer inspection have perfectly round holes in their bodies. They later find out that Adam is armed with his favorite boltcaster. The rest of the ride goes uneventfully.

Total XP: 5


reamed_17 reamed_17

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