Raylan Givens

The last time I turned down a whiskey, I didn’t understand the question.


Agility d8
Smarts d6
Spirit d6
Strengths d4
Vigor d4

Derived Stats:
Pace 6 mod 4
Parry 4 mod 0
toughness 5 mod 0
Grit 1 mod 0
Charisma 0 mod 0

Loyal to sister
Habit Minor Alcohol
Lame Major Leg Injury.

Steady Hands

Evans Old Model Sporter .44 mag
Colt Peacemaker .45 cal


Raylan Givens was born, with his Twin Sister Maggie, to Arlo and Wynona Givens. His father made a living by trapping and selling furs, while Wynona stayed at home to raise the children and tend the farm. when Ralyon and Maggie were 7 years old when their sister Abigail was born. Ralyan would spend his time with his dad, learning trapping, tracking, shooting survival, so that one day Raylan would be able to hunt and trap on his own.
Unfortunately, two years after the birth of Abigail, Ralyan and Maggie’s home was attacked, and in the attack, Arlo and Wynona were killed, while the children escaped with their lives. it turns out Arlo had some problems that he was not telling his family about, such as gambling, and heavy alcoholism. which led to him owing a debt, and the debt is what drew the men to the Givens home, and the debt is what cost Raylan and Maggie their parents.
Raylan and Maggie ran with their sister Abigail. And hid and made their living by selling the furs that Raylan had trapped (using the skills he learned from his dad). Raylan is heavily loyal to his twin sister, willing to do anything to protect her.
when they were 17, Raylan and Maggie both had a vendetta to settle, take the lives of the men who took their parents lives and left them stranded.
Raylan and maggie would hunt these men down, and be successful in killing them, but they would not come out of this situation unscathed. Raylan would have his leg crushed by the horse they rode out on when it fell over a cliff and pinned raylan in a creek, in which he would have drowned had his sister not saved his life (this injury will continue to debilitate him for the rest of his life), as well as Maggie losing an eye when she was captured tortured by the men who they had come to kill. Raylan and Maggie killed the men, but the revenge was hollow as it nearly cost them their lives.

After the incident, Raylan and Maggie layed low and lived in the mountains of Montana, trapping and hunting, and only travelling in to town to resupply and sell their furs.
any other money would go to Abigail, to help her in taking care of Maggies child Ava.

Raylan Givens

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