Deadlands: New Horizons

Baby's First Fistfight

After getting into position around the Iron Dragon camp Raylan and Alistair open fire on the two lookouts. One is gunned down immediately and the other survives only long enough to warn the others of an ambush. The four remaining rush out of their tents, but something is off with the leader. He gives off a strange green glow and parts of his skin are a deep, dark black. He steps out to the tent and turns to stare down Maggie before he throws a magical violet glowing powder on her after chanting and dancing wildly. One of the fist fighters rushes Raylan out in the field and hits him across the face and nearly knocks him down in one punch. Buck, the one who got the party in this mess, is in such shock that all of his bullets go flying incredibly wide of their mark while Alistair slowly and precisely picks off the underlings one by one. After some time of a stalemate the magic man looks to one of his fallen comrades and brings him back to life just after he had been shot through the head. The party quickly focuses fire on the mage. He too gets desperate and throws the powder in Maggie’s face and it burns any uncovered skin. In an act of vengeance Maggie takes her tomahawk and buries it in the mans face and ends the fight along with his life.

Soon after a man comes out the tent. He has wild hair and looks half mad. He introduces himself as Adam Howe, a scientist for the company Wasatch. He offers the team money in exchange for their fighting abilities as he needs to protect his newest invention the Plot Device.
Total XP:4


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