Deadlands: New Horizons

Headline: Hunting Trip Ends in Murder and Kidnapping

The trio make their way off their train. While in the station Adam tells them that they can have the next three days off to have fun around the town. While he was out wandering, Raylan bums into a man who tells him that the demand for furs is growing. Next the twins decide to buy the one eyed girl a shotgun. Maggie decides to use her wit to negotiate a lower price, but the store owner gets distracted by her and allows a much lower price than what it could have sold for. Alistair and the twins meet up again and head out to hunt to supplement their income. Raylan catches the track of an elk and follows it. They come to a small clearing where the elk spots them and a short chase occurs. Raylan runs right beside it, but it is Alistair who gets the killing shot. Raylan starts to clean the elk while Alistair stands beside him. Maggie wanders a little bit and notices that Winchester is on alert. She then soon hears the familiar roars of a bear. She then runs off in the direction of the sound without alerting anyone else. Thankfully Raylan noticed his sister running towards it and join in the fight. The very first thing that happens is the bear claws at Maggie nearly exposing her chest. (Alistair barely fights off the urge to just stare instead of fighting) After some time the group fells the bear. All the while the mama’s cubs were cowering in trees watching it all happen. Maggie takes the bear as her pet and gives it attention while Raylan cleans the mama bear. As the three are heading back to their horses Maggie and Raylan have a sudden realization that what had happened to the bear family was incredibly similar to what had happened to them and their parents. Maggie sets up camp outside of town while the men head in to sell the furs and get drunk. The two happen to wander into the bar of Bart Benton where they get into a good game of drunk darts. The two make a bet, but all but one of their shots missed the board completely as they had never played the game before in their lives. Bart decides to show off and gets the Bull’s Ring from behind the counter. Raylen, in his drunken stupor, whips the dart back and breaks a bottle. Bart was angry and incredibly impressed that no one got hurt in that entire fiasco. Raylan then drops unconscious onto the bar floor and wakes up about one hour later in a chair and was missing only $2. He makes his way back to the camp, gives his sister her new clothes, vomits in front of the tent, and then passes out. The night goes off without a hitch.

Total XP: 6

Good 'ole Fashion Train Robbery

While on the train to the City ‘o Gloom, the main three spend most of their time in the cargo hold with Winchester in her cage. After some time Raylan and Alistair spend some time with the man they were protecting, Adam Howe. Suddenly the train starts to slow down. Maggie goes ahead to check out what is happening and gets caught up in a held up train car. When the man collecting money gets too close she pulls out a dagger and slices his throat. Fight with the bandit king ensues. Buck makes a heroic drop into the train car and ends the bandit’s life. When the trio gets back to the train car with the man they were supposed to protecting they notice him sitting in the middle of six dead bodies who upon closer inspection have perfectly round holes in their bodies. They later find out that Adam is armed with his favorite boltcaster. The rest of the ride goes uneventfully.

Total XP: 5

Baby's First Fistfight

After getting into position around the Iron Dragon camp Raylan and Alistair open fire on the two lookouts. One is gunned down immediately and the other survives only long enough to warn the others of an ambush. The four remaining rush out of their tents, but something is off with the leader. He gives off a strange green glow and parts of his skin are a deep, dark black. He steps out to the tent and turns to stare down Maggie before he throws a magical violet glowing powder on her after chanting and dancing wildly. One of the fist fighters rushes Raylan out in the field and hits him across the face and nearly knocks him down in one punch. Buck, the one who got the party in this mess, is in such shock that all of his bullets go flying incredibly wide of their mark while Alistair slowly and precisely picks off the underlings one by one. After some time of a stalemate the magic man looks to one of his fallen comrades and brings him back to life just after he had been shot through the head. The party quickly focuses fire on the mage. He too gets desperate and throws the powder in Maggie’s face and it burns any uncovered skin. In an act of vengeance Maggie takes her tomahawk and buries it in the mans face and ends the fight along with his life.

Soon after a man comes out the tent. He has wild hair and looks half mad. He introduces himself as Adam Howe, a scientist for the company Wasatch. He offers the team money in exchange for their fighting abilities as he needs to protect his newest invention the Plot Device.
Total XP:4

The Tales of Harold Benton
The Worst Patrons

The legendary bartender Harold Benton loves to talk to his customers and especially to his regulars. One day they ask him who the worst patrons he has ever had were.
Harry sighs and looks blankly into the distance.
“There was this one time where these two people walked in. They looked like twins. The guy decided that that night was the best night to get incredibly drunk and rowdy. I’m usually okay with them trying to pull some shit, but this guy was trying to talk to everyone in the bar asking for a job.”
He takes a pause. He looks pained as he starts to remember it more clearly
“He eventually worked his way to a guy who was minding his own business. They got into a small argument and they challenged each other to a shoot off. I hoped that would be the end, but they came back. The two guys and the sister all sit down at a table to eat dinner. As they get ready to leave I turn around and see a fucking bobcat in my bar with those three petting the thing like it was nothing. I yelped and the woman and the cat bolt out of the door.”
“The next morning during breakfast with another man who joined them, the woman was insulted by the man who wasn’t her brother. She decided it would be nice to slam her knife into my table and then spat into my eye. I was thankful when the three of them realized that they fucked up and left the bar.”
By this point everyone in the bar is silent as they are listening to the story. Everyone is in a trance.
“When they hadn’t showed up later that night I’d hoped that they were gone for good, but I wasn’t that fortunate. The two men came back and got a room.
The last I heard of them they were off to Salt Lake City. And I hope to god that they stay there.”

First Steps

Maggie and Raylan on their way to Helena to sell their furs were jumped by a small pack of wolves. Fortunately, they were able to fend them off. Once in Helena the two go to Harry’s to blow off a little steam. Raylan, as per usual, gets incredibly drunk and challenges a random Angsty Teen™, bounty hunter Alistair Black, to a shooting contest. Both do rather well and are seen by a recruiter who is looking for guns to help rescue his kidnapped friend. The next day the group set off with Buck to find his friend. After awhile of tracking they come upon the kidnappers and make a plan of attack.
Total EXP: 2

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